About Us

Ask any Italian-American what ‘gravy’ is, and they’ll tell you it’s the pasta sauce that their mothers and grandmothers cooked fresh every night. At Gravy Restaurant we take the same care, preparing our signature sauce every day using select tomatoes and locally grown herbs. The heart and soul poured into the preparation of traditional Italian-American dishes pairs with inspired modern twists and a focus on seasonal ingredients to define Gravy’s unique approach to this classic cuisine.

Gravy’s Executive Chef Brent Hopkins marries his love of Italian food with his passion for seasonal ingredients from area farmers. His more than 15 years of kitchen experience includes work at some of the best Italian restaurants in Portland, Ore., where he shaped many of his culinary philosophies, including the farm-to-fork movement and scratch cooking. Chef Brent makes his own pasta, cures his own meats and works to foster relationships with farmers who grow the produce he uses. You’ll see all of this and more at Gravy, with a menu that reflects the bounty of each season. Recently named one of the best chefs in America, you can view his profile at Best Chefs America.